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Nespa Tiled Spas has been designing and constructing high quality spas for over 27 years. We were the first company to offer a factory made customized all tiled spa. Nespa’s utilizes an innovative process of applying tile or stone finishes to a custom constructed composite fiberglass shells. The variety of finishes is endless. Mosaic glass tiles, porcelains tile, custom hand made, natural stone, slates and slab stone are options that a client can choose.

In a world of cookie cutter spas, Nespa Tiled Spas stands alone. Each spa is built, by hand, one at a time, because every spa project has unique details. Every project is an individualistic endeavor, requiring thoughtful detail consideration during the development process. For instance the spa’s intended use, spa site location, hydro therapy needs, interior design, depth, landscape views, aesthetics, climate, sound levels, chemical, energy and equipment needs, etc.

Clear and continuous communication from design conception thru job completion is our goal. We involve the designer, contractor, homeowner builder, landscaper and installer to insure a seamless project. No surprises or presumptions just top quality consulting and construction. Our design and technical team engineers each spa with the latest Computer Aided Designs technology and rendering programs to assure our commitment to excellence. Every spa is meticulously factory built, inspected and water tested prior to leaving our Northern California factory to your jobsite. Our objective is to help you focus on the details that have to be addressed for a beautiful and successful project.

Since 1981 Nespa has provided and participated in many complex and challenging projects. These projects include hotels, casinos, universities, medical centers, sports teams, resorts, day spas and high end residential jobs.

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