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Please Note: Prior to actual installation, the spa needs to get from delivery vehicle to its final location.

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1) In order to determined how to excavate for your spa or swim spa, measure spas inside dimension ( I.D.) and add 8" to all sides. This 8" clearance is to accommodate jet and suction plumbing. This 8"clearance can change or be reduced upon request. Note: skimmer location, this area may have to be larger than 8". If you have questions call us. (888) 479-4677.

2) Hole depth is determined by spa's outside height dimension. This height may vary depending if spa has skids or no skids. Also consider the finish surrounding deck elevations, thickness of the finish material on spa upper horizontal lip. This material can be tile, stone, concrete or brick.

3) Pre-plumb spa before it goes into the hole (spa is factory pre-plumbed, unless asked for otherwise).

4) Spa should sit on level 4" thick reinforced concrete pad.

5) Install spa into the hole on top of concrete pad. Do not hold onto pipes. Use caution with suction and jet plumbing when lowering into hole. DO NOT STRESS FITTINGS !

6) Check site reference points for proper spa positioning (i.e., squaring to house, garage, etc.).

7) Shim to level spa. Shim with non-compressible material.

8) Dry pack with cement, gaps that have been created when shimming spa level.

9) Connect pipes to tees if pre-plumbed. After electrical conduit is connected to light niche, water test spa before back filling with sand.

10) All Nespa products are water tested prior to leaving factory.


1) All electrical connections to spa or equipment should comply with the national electrical code. (NEC)

2) Connect electrical conduit to light niche. This work should be done or reviewed by a licensed electrician.

3) To install spa light you will need to include inside the PVC conduit to the light niche a solid #8 coated copper wire. (If you are use brass conduit, internal bond wire is not required.) This bond wire should be pulled with the light cord at the same time. This bond wire needs to be attached to the internal bonding lug of the light niche. An approved encapsulate should be applied to bond wire connection in niche.

4) An external #8 copper wire shall be connected to the external bonding lug on the rear of the light niche. This copper wire can then be used for additional bonding requirements (i.e., handrails or any other metallic object within 5' of the spa.


1) When plumbing a Nespa it is important to properly size the plumbing. We highly recommend that you follow the pump manufacturer's pipe sizing requirements. Example is spas within 50' of equipment, a 2 " suction, a 2 " return would be used.

2) The air venturi should be hartford loop adjacent to spa shell and air entry point can be located next to spa or remotely at equipment.

3) Fill spa with water and test the system for leaks.


1) With water in spa, back-fill around spa perimeter with dry plaster sand and wet wash with hydraulic attachment to hose. Let set for one hour and hydraulic dry again. Be sure water level in spa is at the highest level. Any questions please call us. ( 888) 479-4677.

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